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Many people consider divorce (and sometimes divorce attorneys) to be the worst event in their life.  You have to consider property division and custody issues while juggling the mental, emotional and financial issues you face as you deal with this process.  Simply put, it isn't easy.  While you may know that Texas is a community property state, many factors go into the ultimate decision in any divorce.  Rasley Law Group understands not only what you are experiencing personally but the legal process and how to handle it effectively.  

Child Custody

Child custody involves determining who gets to see the children, at what times, for how long and how often.  Whether you are looking at a heavily litigated situation with multiple court hearings or attempting to keep it uncomplicated and seeking an agreement.  Brandon Rasley can advise and guide you through this process to a solution which is in the best interest of the children.

Child Support

Some people understand child support and others do not.  If you've been to court to deal with child support, you understand that child support is a mathematical equation in its most basic form if everyone has provided accurate information on income, but it can require some creativity if you do not have a traditional custody plan, one parent isn't following the custody order, hiding income or part of a non-standard possession order.  With creativity and original thinking, Rasley Law Group can help you find the support you are entitled to get by being your child support attorney.


With the growth of mixed families, adoption becomes more and more prevalent.  Adoption requires a termination of parental rights typically of one or more parents and then an adoption can proceed.  Multiple legal documents have to be filed not only with the court but with the state as well to complete this complicated process.  I can make this process easier and less stressful for you.

Cohabitation Agreements

Whether you live with a roommate of either sex, are in a long term committed relationship but not married, or  in a same-sex (LGBT) relationship; cohabitation agreements allow you to have an agreement that contains all rights which you find in a prenuptial agreement.  These types of agreements can designate property, accounts, custody rights and more if you and the person(s) you live with separate.

Prenuptial Agreements

Typically property during a marriage is considered community property (husband and wife each own a right to the property), but a prenuptial agreement allows you to designate how property, accounts, chores and more will be handled during the marriage.  You can provide information about what is to happen upon your death, and if you and your spouse divorce what happens then.  As long as it isn't illegal and it relates to your marriage, you can provide rules and stipulations in your prenuptial agreement. 

Postnuptial Agreements

Postnuptial agreements (also called Partition or Exchange Agreements) allow you to provide for and determine everything you would do in a prenuptial agreement, but you do it after you and your spouse are married.  They are also an option for couples who are looking to separate or provide for what happens upon a divorce while still staying married if a divorce is not possible at the time.


Often times parties don't want to go to court and have already started the divorce process, hiring an attorney during the mediation process makes sure you are aware of your rights when making final decisions related to your case.  Mediation is a process where you and your legal representative deal with the opposing side and their legal representative through a mediator and attempt to resolve their legal issues prior to a trial.  Most courts require this to be done before a trial can occur.


Most people don't consider wills until they are traveling or get older.  Wills allow you to determine what will happen upon your death (passing) and alleviates your family from having to pay all the additional costs of court they will face without a will.  A will can be as specific or as general as you want it.

Estate / Probate

Once you have a loved one die or pass away, you have to probate their estate if they have any cars, homes, boats, and accounts which will not transfer automatically upon your family member's death.  Probate requires hiring an attorney to file documents with the court includes Letters of Testamentary which allow you or another family member to start transferring property and/or honoring your family member's will.

Business Law / Business Formation

Business law includes business formation, articles of incorporation, bylaws and the drafting of any other documents a client may require for their business.  Furthermore, an attorney can assist you at board of director meetings and more.  Whatever your business need, Rasley Law Group can help you with your business plan format.

Document Drafting

Document drafting includes drafting legal documents when all you want are the documents written by a lawyer without a lawyer's representation.  This is a good option for someone looking to handle her case by herself, but they are not exactly sure how to draft the necessary documents.